Zynaptiq Wormhole Plugin

This particular plugin really caught my eye and I will do my best to explain what it does. Needless to say, it’s going to get weird, wobbly and otherworldly but very cool and useable at the same time. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Zynaptiq Wormhole.

The Zynaptiq Wormhole has positioned itself as an alien/sci-fi/otherworldly effects processor that allows you to throw vocal recordings through it and achieve some crazy pitch-shifted and warped effects, ultimately giving you a large Jabba the Hutt alike sound or the voice of a tall, skinny, high-pitched green man. But this isn’t just a novelty plugin, the Wormhole does weird and wacky in the best way possible (just check out the video below!) but has a lot of powerful editing built in. The WARP and SHIFT sections provide the mangling, while the dry/wet morphing ensures intelligibility (even with extreme transformations) and serves to fine-tune the alienification amount – reigning even the strongest processing back in if so desired. Or use the morphing to gradually transition from clean to mutated in an otherwise impossible, cool way.  All of this might make it sound like a bit of a niche product but you can throw anything you like in the wormhole and get some fantastic results.

There’s lots to like, and use, in the Wormhole. There’s plenty of scope for ambient and surreal soundscapes that are very accommodating to guitars, pianos and pads. You can achieve anything from a subtle reverb to harmonic or glitching pitch warping with lush and glassy ambient fifths and octaves, micro-detuning shimmers, and more. The pitch-shifter has two dedicated L/R detuning modes and a center-balanced widening delay. The pitch shifting sits nicely alongside dual, cascadable random modulated hall reverbs, this makes for organic sounds from the sublimely subtle to the…well, not-so-subtle-at-all.


What I like about Wormhole is that, despite the huge amount of craziness that you can pull from it, the plugin itself is easy to use and it sits just as nicely as a subtle modulation engine as it does an otherworldly noise generator. Check out the videos and give it a whirl for yourself on a free trial from the Zynaptiq website.

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