Remixes of Empire Affair

For a few years I was in a band called Empire Affair. We did a lot of cool stuff and we were very fortunate to play in London a lot and did two tours of Croatia. When I started putting my little studio together one of the ways of getting to know the software was to do remixes of a couple Empire Affair songs, taking the individual instruments tracks, editing them and playing with the beat etc. So here is how they came out:

This first one is Press Reset. The original centered around a synth riff that was broken up a couple times by heavy floor toms and percussive chants of ‘press reset’. I wanted to strip it all back to a really chilled acoustic vibe that kept the same emotion as the original but very little of the original instrumentation.

Here’s the original:

The second one I did was for Forest Beyond the Trees, which has a cool summery pop-indie disco feel to it with lots of little sections and changes. Here’s the original:

For the remix I went for a sort of glitchy trip-hop feel. I took out the guitars for the first two-thirds of the song and replaced them with a very electronica style synth. I also redid the drums to match the feel of the synths. I think the only thing that stayed the same from the original was Tom’s bassline.

Here’s the remix:

The original recordings were done by the brilliant Josh Parker at Conversion Studios. Many thanks to the other Empire Affair boys – Neil Tallant (vocals), Jack Woolston (Lead Guitar), Tom Parrett (Bass) and Darren Sheppard (Drums).

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