Electrohypnosis by Electric Shakes

I first met Electric Shakes a few years ago and was lucky enough to witness them rehearsing a few times (I wasn’t stalking them, I just happened to work at the studios at the time) and see them play in Bournemouth a couple of times. Not many bands grabbed me in the way they did, they appealed to the many sides of my music taste, there was a hint of dark, yet playful sense of humour (that reminded me of Pixies), a slab of blues that gave it an accessible and familiar twist but most of all the Electric Shakes are gloriously fuzzy and dirty punk that reminded me of Fugazi.

The new full length album, ‘Electrohypnosis’ has just been released and, in my humble opinion, captures everything that Electric Shakes are all about…fuzz, garage punk and stylistic nods to psychedelic b-movies. Quite often bands find it hard to get across their live energy when recording, especially when they are starting out and on a tight budget but I think that there’s plenty of unrelenting energy and loudness on Electrohypnosis that was captured by Ed Deegan of Gizzard Studios in London to accurately represent the live sound of the power trio.

Electric Shakes are a perfect example of how a punk trio can achieve a massive sound, Eric’s shuffling bass lines are the perfect compliment to Basha’s swinging drums that aren’t afraid to ride the bell of the cymbals and through in some crazy fills that are adventurous but not unnecessarily showy. The same can be said about Steve’s guitar playing, there’s plenty there to get excited about without the feeling that he is showing off for the sake of it.

Buy the album now and go and see them live. I genuinely believe that they are the best punk band in the area right now.

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